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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Okay everyone, this is Crash Nicker, The Member #2 of SpaceNinja88's Digital Chimera Entertainment. Now, you may know me after several stuff related to the piracy in Russia to both YouTube and Pirated Games Central, but right now, I've decided to open up my own blog that will cover the topic of PC gaming... on the consoles. Obviously, that means that there will be mostly reviews of PC games ported on such consoles like PlayStation, NES, SNES and such (not vice versa). I might post some random stuff I usually do like chiptunes, Dendy: The New Reality translations and reviews of obscure games on obscure platforms. Before I start, just let me tell some things I will likely obey during filling this blog with reviews:

  1. I won't give ratings to the games that become my victims. I give my opinion on the game and events that surround it as well as some technical info on the game like controls and the accuracy of the port. But not a stupid cipher that usually varies from one to ten. Because I know people that just limit with lurking at it without wondering why such rating was given. If you're one of those people, I made a 'Bottom Line' section just for you instead, because, to your knowledge, RATINGS ARE CHEAP.
  2. I do accept the requests, but I don't give a warranty I'll actually review the game you want to see here. Either because I don't feel like doing it or because it goes outside the topic of the blog (attn all dimwits: the topic is listed above).
  3. Everyone makes mistakes, even I. So if I make a mistake when explaining what's going on in the game or the gameplay of the game in general, comment on it without hesitating. Ranting about me saying wrong about the graphics, music or that or this gamie sucks is considered to be a spam or an attempt to start a holywar. Spam is instanly deleted, holywaring is allowed in really mild doses so don't go NUTZ.

That's it for intro, tank you very munch. If you want, sub and get ready for the carnival.

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