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PHRASE OF THE WEEK: DIE JOB DEATH CAR? (Daijobu desu ka - Are you OK?) (C) Sodom

Friday, July 30, 2010

POTW Archive

From today, I add a new feature to the blog: phrase of the week, which I'm going to stuff with random funny one-liners, for fun & profit.


26/07/2010: 'Are you sure that 'No' will be your last word?' - 'No.'
02/08/2010: 'They'll bury you in a lunchbox!' (C) Rise of the Triad
09/08/2010: 'You look like a gay cowboy.' - 'And you look like a gay terrorist.' (C) Top Gear
16/08/2010: 'NOW SINTS IN LOAD OF GARAS IN SOM SUNGER!' (C) Random childhood phrase
19/08/2010: 'There's no better weapon to defeat time than... time.'
31/08/2010: 'Never mind about the wine. Where is the beer?' (C) Serious Sam Next Encounter
07/09/2010: '... GIVE! FOOD!' (C) SpaceNinja88+PanAnning's LP of Bao Quin Tian
13/09/2010: 'HA HA VERY EASY CONGRATION' (C) Cony's Street Fighter II.
20/09/2010: 'Laund Bun! Lady... GO!' (C) Kng of Fighters '98... and pretty much XII.
28/09/2010: 'And seems like that video didn't really help. Men, do most of the users subscribe just for kicks?' - 'Pretty much. Or that 'Sub 4 Sub' rap... It's like DA. People comment on crappy, MS Paint drawings.' - 'Damn, where the world is going... Now I really believe in what should have theorethically happened in 2012.' (C) Me and Indy.
11/10/2010: 'Question. How do you call this?' - 'How do I call it?' - 'Yesh. All I see is a scrappy this-gen Sonic fan who can't even do reviews properly. What do YOU think?' - 'That's what I see. Plus, he sounded like he was drugged. It's like how I heard it. "Ah like Mario karts and tourment fighters.... This game sucks...."' - 'Also, mah comment [on the video page]. And I am the first to ditch this video. MEN, WHO WATCHES THIS? SCRAPPY THIS-GEN SONIC FANS?!' - 'Pretty much.' (C) Me and Indy again
21/10/2010: 'DIE JOB DEATH CAR? (Daijobu desu ka - Are you OK) (C) Sodom

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