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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Whiplash review became a One-Week Spotlight (filler)

At last, I started to gain speed on the stuff I do. For the first time, my review was 'recommended' somewhere else and by someone else... Well, closer to the topic. Whiplash was chosen for User Content of The Week on Headshot gaming.
Here's the raddish. And here's the horse. (c) Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa.

Now, for some true announcement, got another mental break right on the 28th of September and all due to the goddamn failure on visa application. Won't tell any more, however, it's all private, woohoo! But, if you please, I'll post THE COMPLETE LIST of my current WIPs. With Hexen for N64 review being fully ready (lacks cover and screencaps for the complete post though...). And considering that I kept some of them in deep secret, I think now it's time to do the justice.

  • [PC] Rise of the Triad
  • [NES] Dezaemon
  • [ZX] Adventures of Buratino
  • [ZX] Wolfenstein 2004
  • [NES] Diablo
  • [GB] Populous
  • [NES] San Guo Zhi: Qun Xiong Zheng Ba
  • Some console game makers and S.T.U.F.F., part deux
  • Deeper look on GINCS. All what's simple is genial.
Yes, so big the list is. Why I just can't post them all, you ask? Well, here comes your answer. Even a pack of these.
  1. I don't feel like really finishing them.
  2. Sometimes I get so excited I start to write crap which results in a dead end. Sorta kinda.
  3. The game or object of review is not fully studied.
  4. In case with 100% text. It may take one hour to do the screencaps and 15 minutes to render the cover. On the first: considering that I may screenshot very random moments of the game, it's not an exception that I may be blamed for playing child games by my mother again (I rarely ever get FULLY obsessed by a game now, though).
And now, to finish this load of crap, some 'Penny For Your Thoughts!' moments. In other words, the games that I plan to review but due to overload of WIPs, can't do that currently.
  • [PS] Firebugs
  • [SNES] Doom
  • [SNES] Super 3D Noah's Ark*
  • [PC] Rival Realms
  • [PC] S.A.G.A.: Rage of the Vikings
  • [ZX] Goody
  • [ZX] Genghis Khan
  • [N64] Daikatana
  • [GBC] Daikatana
  • Something christmassy or else. **
So that's it for the author's scrappy block, hope I will break the silence of non-commenting pretty soon and will deliver with an extra portion of obscurity awesomeness.

* Not taking the actual Wolfenstein 3D on SNES for the review, because accuracy-wise, it's terrible. Loosely-based-on-the-original levels along with heavily butchered game completion scheme made their job. No, new weapons ARE kinda cool, but taking the butchered level structure into account makes it pretty much expectable to fail. Also, thanks to Nintendo's [censored by Nintendo's censorship] censorship, the atmosphere of good ol' Wolfie is now supported only by splendid music. So I took Super 3D'Noah's Ark by Wisdom Tree (basically, nothing else than Color Dreams in religious disguise) which is, apart from its' tedious setting has really awesome level design and... oh boy, four levels per episode instead of three in SNES Wolf3D.
** In concept, those may be both parts of Santa Claus in Trouble for the PC, Bomberman 2002 for the NES and one Santa Claus game for the PS, forgot its' name.

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