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Monday, August 30, 2010

...I'll be a mess among my parents. (filler)

Oh damn, it just turns out to be a straight line of misfortunes with the computers for me. And that's because only of one old trojan that Dr. Web couldn't spot for TWO (!) years. And that goes with updates, seriously. Don't say I should set up another antimalware program: that computer was my mom's. But it went on full rampage only now. My DVD recorder went dead. I accidentally infected my laptop when was deleting those damn trojan's lavras on the mom's comp. I got a lot of programs disabled, including Dr. Web itself (well, thanks for helping you stupid bastard), Task Manager, Daemon Tools and Insofta Cover Commander. Now I'm even afraid of inserting my PDA into the computer or upload something anywhere. Not even that, now I can't log into Dr. Web's homepage, dammit!

But, since mom's computer got infected too (awwwww shit I couldn't delete that autorun.inf file and thanks to Dr. Web again... he couldn't spot the roots of evil), I can't enter that site from this machine either. But that's not all. Now I'm blamed for downloading childish (hahaha) shit even if I'm being seventeen already! Dad doesn't allow my mom to run something on that comp, even the anocounter program, so my future higher education is riding on the edge. So, what I have to say? I am a retard, and the more time I spend in front of the computer, the more I become upset, nervous and frustrated. And don't even try to pat my head, THAT WAS MY FAULT. Period. So, kill it off, I'm going on REAL hiatus.

I wanted to expand the Old Krank's Reviews but seems like you guys won't pay any real attention to it right now. I still have got only TWO followers, and both are my friends. I know that schoolfilmer and SamuraiMaster do read my blog, but are not subscribed yet (or maybe forever). *sigh* Men, anyone can comment, even unregistred users! So, if you liked the review, say it directly! If you won't, well, this site will be abandoned.

So long, I shall come back one day!.. If I shall.

EDIT: Okay, mom's comp is clear, but I have lost my PS ISO collection for the fourth time. Rehashing it in closest future.

EDIT: Sheesh, sorry. It's still alive. Stooped me ^_^.